Law on Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is considered as a crime as it deprives its victim of life and liberty. As we all know, different forms of crime are punishable by the laws of the land. The aggressor harms its victim physically and emotionally. There are legal actions that were established to refute crimes, including domestic violence.

Any state implements this law to protect its citizen from deprivation and abuse. It can also offer further protection to the victim. Each state undergoes prosecution on the crime of domestic violence.

The defendant or the suspect of domestic violence may either choose to enter a not guilty plea and undergo a trial or a guilty plea or suffer lenient actions or punishments — the decision for trial leis with the choice of the defendant.

The trial methods may differ from a different state and even punishment. But the unity against domestic violence is strong. Some laws will protect the victims further against the aggressor.

Restraining orders may be given to the aggressor to separate the two by giving a specified distance completely. All means of communication to the victim may be terminated if so ordered by the court. There are also conditions to be considered before the restraining order is given. If the couple has a child, the abuse may be ordered to move out of their home but continue to support their child financially.

There are also restraining orders that confiscate the firearms of the aggressor if they have. Firearms can lead to the worst way of violence, and it must be seized. These orders are commanded for the meantime or longer periods depending on the nature of the trial.

There are legal actions in addressing domestic violence. If you are a victim, speak up! Don’t let anyone deprive you of your life and liberty. Don’t let anyone hurt. Get help!