Domestic Violence

There are a lot of crimes that police personnel respond to every day. Usually, some of them will be regarding domestic violence that happens in different neighborhoods. But what causes domestic violence? Or what pushes people to commit domestic violence?

But what is domestic violence? It is not restricted to physical abuse. It can also be identified as dominion over or complete power over someone. Abusers may set their eyes over specific victims such as their family, spouse, or anyone that is affiliated with them.

But what causes domestic violence? The main source is violent behavior that is rooted in many sources that can be found in homes or outside. The aggressor can either attack the victim physically or emotionally, that is truly detrimental to the victim.

Usually, the one that gets attacked or is prone to domestic violence is women. Some abusive husbands would dominate over their spouse. But these abusive characteristics of the aggressors are not developed instantaneously. They may have some history of problems within their family that triggered it. But there are instances that the women would dominate the men and reign dominion over them. Emotional and physical abuse may also occur to men because domestic violence does not select gender. Victims can be both men and women.

Addictions, such as alcohol and drugs, can also influence the aggressor or even intensify their aggressive behavior that can cause more damage. Under the influence of these substances, the person may lose his/her control over their senses that would result in different violent actions.

But overall domestic violence must not be tolerated. As I’ve said, these actions can be detrimental as this can damage the victim emotionally and physically. If you are experiencing this kind of abuse, don’t be afraid to reach out to the authority. Don’t suffer and help yourself.